Skincare Routine For Men with Ancient Science

skincare routine for men

Skincare Routine for Men? Sounds alien to the most men but that’s right in most of the cases. Especially the phrase skincare routine for men as one might never even have heard of it, forget even thinking of following it.

Even if it is not entirely true, it is perhaps very close to being right. If you ever tried to ask this question to men if they ever used or still in the habit using the skincare products of their wives or girlfriends, quite shockingly, the answer could be ‘Yes’, and surprisingly this pattern is same across the globe.

The reason for this devilry is the total negligence towards their skin which they feel looks good when it is raw and have always undermined the impression that men do not need to care for their skin as they are born tough.

And before you too fell for this fallacy, take a pause and just pull off your cheek or scrub your forearm gently and now observe closely.

Is your skin saying something to you?

No? Good!

The organs do not speak but they do show us something.

Is it asking for something? Chances are Yes! What?

Well, this could be some specific nourishment in the form of hydration, moisture or could well even be more.


While every skin type needs some specific type of requirement, the basics would remain in the same and in this article, we would be focusing on that only. Now what all you need to do to have healthy skin, first and foremost is practicing this golden mantra- Make a healthy routine and keep on repeating it till it becomes a habit’. 


Now, how should this skincare routine for men look like then?

While we do touch the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle changes that men need to bring in their existing routine, we surely need to do the following things that can help in adopting a better skincare routine. The daily measures need to be done regularly to complement the daily diet and lifestyle regimen to have youthful skin and healthy skincare routine for men-


1. Cleansing – The very first and basic healthy routine for facial skin is to wash it at least twice a day.

Once when you kick off your day and second when you sign off for the day.

Know your skin type and use a healthy cleansing agent (soap, gel or face wash) to cleanse your face and skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body gets exposed to the external environment and requires more care and concern immediately than any other organs as any changes in the skin look visible to others than to oneself.

Other than daily cleansing, it is advisable to gently scrub the facial and body skin once a week provided it does not make one’s skin feel any irritation or get red in the due process of scrubbing. 

For ‘Vata’ type or dry skins, an organic pomegranate face wash should ideally be your choice given the pomegranate’s natural properties of hydrating facial skin and providing the moisture.

For ‘Pitta’ type or skins which are oily or prone to acne, it is advisable to use the facewashes of ‘Tulsi’ or ‘Neem’ having natural anti-oxidants properties.


2. Toning– Toning is again a very invaluable part to keep men’s skin clear and free from any shine.

It cleanses the pores and helps in getting rid of excess oil with a deep cleaning effect. Toning improves the appearance of the skin, especially of sagging skin.


3. Moistening– Even oily skin faces flakes in cold weather and windy conditions and the best way to beat these blues is to moisten the skin with the best possible healthiest options around.

The natural moistening comes from hydration and healthy fat consumption that includes eating almonds, walnut, avocados, and nuts that naturally give your face and body a glow or shine that it needs the most other than the moisture application on body and face.

The hydration is possible with a simple task of counting your glasses of water intake daily.

If you don’t have a routine for it, make a routine to hydrate your body that is naturally an anti-aging thing.


Well, there are numerous articles available on the internet on how to keep a healthy skincare routine for men; one serious gap in these articles is the discussion on the role of Ayurveda that it plays on maintaining healthy skin.

This article is a small honest attempt to highlight some key points as to how Ayurveda can help in achieving healthy skin while maintaining a healthy routine which is being at the core of getting overall health.

The beauty of Ayurveda science is that it brings you back near to nature which we almost have forgotten. Whether it is following a regimen for mind, body or for the soul, all of these have been documented in Ayurveda literature in great details which if followed daily in a routine can bring the wonderful result in the totality of health and getting a healthy skin would be a small part of it. If you are a man and reading this article, you can augment your daily regimen with the help of the information given below.


‘Daily Dietary Habits’ for Healthy Skin


1. Nurturing– As the wise men of ancient times say ‘What goes inside your gut gets reflected on your face’.

Nurturing the skin through the healthy eating habits is of paramount importance to beat the wrinkles and early ageing process. In this endeavor of looking healthy with a buoyant skin, eating healthy which is compatible with your body and gut is very important.

In Ayurveda, this concept of eating comes under ‘Dincharya’. The even deeper and wide concept is of ‘Ritucharya’where one needs to take care of the skin according to changing season and region.

For example– Avoiding ‘Vata’ aggravating meals in cold, windy and rainy environments and eating unctuous meals having sesame, clarified butter which combats aggravating Vata. Not doing this would make skin dry and dull otherwise which you see most young people complain ever since they have given up on butter and ghee and relying on trans-fats now mostly.

Similarly, there is a need to modify dietary regimen in the summers when body fire is comparatively on the lower side and if you decide to have a pizza in this season more frequently, it would further low down your body fire and eventually hampers the functioning of Pitta and could well result into indigestion or even acne over the face and back.


2. Healthy Pyramid– The shape of a pyramid tells that the base of any structure has to be very strong and so has to be your first meal of the day which sets you up for the day.

Eat less you progress in the day with a rich and healthy meal in the breakfast followed by small healthy snacks, a rich fibrous lunch and a light dinner for good digestion and easy evacuation the next morning. The intake of light food in the night is highly advocated as per the Ayurvedic science as night is the time of natural detoxification when body organs rest and cleansing happens naturally. Eating less for dinner would keep the gut light, help you wake up fresh and eventually beat the aging process of the skin.


Daily Ideal Lifestyle Habits

1. More Sweat- When you do a workout, you do sweat and then every cell of your body sweats with you.

Sweating opens the pores of the body and eliminates the toxins from it; increases basal metabolism rate or BMR and gives a fresh look to your skin.

Make sure you do indulge in some workout of your choice every day that makes you sweat and opens the pores or doors of your body. The face you see in a mirror before and after working out brings a sense of achievement, contentment, healthy skin and glowing face.


2. Less Smoke- Other than the bad breath, smoking snatches the natural complexion of your lips which gets noticed first when you converse with someone.

Smoking leads to decreased blood circulation and deprives the adjoining areas with less supply of nutrients.

Well, there is no moral advocacy here to quit smoking, it is entirely your prerogative but the best thing you can do it to help your lips not to age early and look pale. And to do this, apply a natural organic lips care balm or butter for your lips to combat the evils of smoke.


3. Low Sugar– We are living in a time when today we are eating 30 times more sugar than what we were eating 30 years back. Thanks to the processed, preserved, canned and tanned food items that have nothing but extra salt, sugar, and fat in them which body finds difficult to get rid of once when taken inside.

The artificial sugar you consume is one of the major causes of body inflammation, early and bad skin changes.

Curtailing the sugar intake from daily routine can lift the body’s ability to fight with aging, inflammation while lifting the mood as light body and mind lift themselves.


4. Adequate Sleep– It is the quality of sleep that matters the most, not the quantity in terms of hours. We spend a lot of expensive gadgets only to monitor our sleep pattern but we do not monitor our patterns that trouble our sleep.

If you keep on using your phone, electronic gadget, kindle device, iPad while lying in bed for a longer duration, inviting your sleep, surely high chances are there that your sleep would badly get hampered with such intensity of digital use. This would eventually bring body fatigue, chronic fatigue in severe cases while bringing visible harms to the eyes and skin around them.


5. Day Care– When you step out to accomplish your daily tasks, you need to be wary of environmental hazards that come your way in today’s world where your surroundings and environment put you at great risk.

You don’t need to beat the sun rays alone but poisonous pollutants as well. While a sunscreen cream with SPF of 30 can do the job pretty well with saving you from UV rays of the sun, the mess of pollutants requires even bigger efforts such as covering the face to save your bronchial plexus from these harmful pollutants.


6. Night Care– While you end your day on a comfortable bed to lie down, your face too needs some comfort, a skincare cream suiting your body type can do this task handsomely. From myriads of the skin creams available in this genre, you can choose the one that goes well with your Ayurveda body type and nourish your skin to prepare itself for the next morning.


While these are some general but important habits for men of all ages to adopt for a better and healthy skincare routine, the basic principle of ‘Good things happens to us when we start doing good things work behind them.

So, if you just feel that you would eat any random thing, apply any random thing on your face and skin, the result can only be something random not what you intended to get. Adding more health to your life should be your focus while you opt for products that ideally should be organic in this era of the artificial world around us and it should heal you naturally than just healing with chemicals.

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