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“Sip the serenity, Still the mind!” A unique concoction armed with deep-rooted understanding of the atavistic code of 23 delicate herbs- a pure delicacy with its myriad of flavors, colors, and aromas.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves the digestion function
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Detoxify the body
  • Possess anti ageing properties
  • Relief from stress and anxiety 

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Not every cup of tea can be your cup of tea, but this ‘Sukrit Pey’ Detox Herbal Tea can be your cup of tea surely. We all love sipping tea, some in the morning as a bed tea, some in the evening as a stimulant for the brain to keep kicking. Tea helps us to relax after a tedious day at college, office, and home. The love for tea makes families gather in the evening and morning as a daily ritual. And yes! If you look deeply, this love for tea keeps family bond going strong from chatting to discussing businesses over it. Would not it be great if you decide to add some health in your tea and thereby in your family’s health? How? Read below and help yourself.

Why ‘Sukrit Pey’ Herbal Tea

As briefed above, not every tea can be your cup of tea since the regular ones might leave you with burping, acidity, and gastric disorders. While they bring you joy as the tannins in tea leaves, bring a sense of tranquillity. Still, the health issues and conditions that regular teas can trigger may leave you in awe and make you think like never before. The tannins interfere with the iron absorption in the body and deplete the iron from the body.

The regular tea from the plant ‘Camellia sinensis’ is in use since time immortal but recent switch to herbal tea because of its superior health benefits have made masses choose herbal teas over the regular ones. The caffeine in regular tea brings anxiety, nervousness, restlessness if consumed more than the prescribed amount. Fortunately, herbs and spices in ‘Surkrit Pey’ herbal tea do not leave you with either of these, and its health benefits supersede any imported, exotic, or expensive teas.

The recent studies document the correlation between low weight infants and mothers consuming excessive caffeine during the time of pregnancy. Also, it induces untimely labour pain. The overconsumption of regular tea has withdrawal symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and caffeine dependency, which can prove detrimental to your overall physical and mental health being.

The apprehension of these fears stated above can be overcome if you switch to a total herbal tea which is not only a herbal tea but also a balmy remedy for you and your family.

Best Time to Consume Herbal Tea 

Just like there is no good time to do good things, good drinks too can be taken anytime. However, it is best to have your regular tea replaced with ‘Sukrit Pey’ Detox Herbal Tea for the regular infusion of the benefits described above.

Benefits of Herbal Tea:

Since it is equipped with 23 exotic herbs, it has numerous features that work for the wellness of your body, mind, and soul. Here are some significant benefits of this blissful herbal tea:  

  • Helps to fight the cold

    The enriching herbs used in this the Sukrit Pey are the best for fighting the nasty weather, and it makes the nasal passage clear for respiration. Moreover, it is also great to reduce asthmatic symptoms. 
  • Detoxifies Body

 It cleanses the body from within by acting as a laxative and improves the digestion system.

  • Improves the Digestion Function

The Sukrit Pey herbal tea aids the digestion process effectively by contributing to the breakdown of fats and speeding up the process of stomach draining. This herbal tea benefit is excellent for lowering the symptoms of stomach related problems such as vomiting, indigestion, and bloating. 


  • Boosts Up the Immune System

    This herbal tea has numerous antioxidants and vitamins that work effortlessly to prevent you from diseases and infections. Furthermore, it can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases by providing subtle protection from oxidative stress. Hence, it can significantly improve your immunity.  
  • Reduces Inflammation

    Regular drinking of herbal tea benefits not only in terms of pain reduction but also helps the people who are caught up by arthritis. Moreover, it is ideal for dealing with swelling and joint pains. 
  • Possess Anti-aging Properties

    We all want to look younger and more beautiful, and this herbal tea is the perfect match to attain it. The richness of antioxidant in the Sukrit Pey is proven to reduce the pace of the process of aging. Furthermore, it also prevents the damage by free radicals on your face and does not let the skin cells age. Therefore, it makes you look and feel younger and energizing.  
  • Relief from Stress and Anxiety

    Herbal tea is ideal for calming down the mind and take it into a relaxing state. This, in turn, provides great relief from stress and anxiety. Moreover, if you drink this before going to sleep, you can get rid of insomnia. 


  • Lowering Blood Pressure

    People are often seen to be taking pills for reducing their blood pressure, but they don’t know the herbal tea benefits in terms of lowering the blood pressure. This herbal tea helps in lowering blood pressure without causing any side effects on the body. Since it has no use of chemicals, it is entirely safe, unlike medicines. Keeping in mind the harmful effects of high blood pressure on kidney and heart, this herbal tea can be used in the form of a natural treatment for the same.  
  • Improves Skin Health:

    As we all know, herbal tea is excellent for the removal of acne from the face, and these herbal tea benefits have no side effects at all. It has several beneficial antioxidants and has antibacterial properties, as well. Therefore, Sukrit Pey certainly fits the match for skin health promotion.  


  • Tulsi

    Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is used in a proportion of 7.4% in this miraculous drink and has splendid benefits in terms of health. Tulsi is avidly used for the treatment of asthma, congestion, bronchitis, flu, and many other ailments as well. Moreover, it is also beneficial for high blood pressure and higher levels of cholesterol. Furthermore, it provides instant relief from insect bites and various skin related diseases as well. 
  • Brahmi

    This one is the next core ingredient of Sukrit Pey, which is used in a controlled concentration of 4%. It is widely known for its superior benefits, such as the sharpening of memory and relief from anxiety. Furthermore, it is famous for fighting with stress and is also beneficial for getting rid of allergic conditions as well. Besides, it also provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome. 
  • Anant Mool

    It has a contribution of 5.8% in the drink, and it is equipped with the beautiful anti protozoan action that will keep you protected against infections. It helps in improving the skin texture, hair nourishment, and for the treatment of asthma as well. It will also help in rejuvenating the respiratory system due to its amazing properties. 
  • Patraj

    It contributes 7.2% to the herbal tea and is highly effective in providing relief from cold. Furthermore, it also helps the stomach in digestion of food and is also beneficial for people with sleeping disorders.  
  • Dalchini

    Highly beneficial in fighting various infections and skin related ailments. It is added in 3.6% concentration to the drink and provides this herbal tea benefits worth millions. It is highly effective in reducing blood sugar levels and also reduces the potential risk of heart diseases.  
  • Saunf

    With a 7.2% concentration in the overall drink, these fennel seeds are highly useful in decreasing the absorption of oils and hence, reduce the levels of cholesterol. As a result, you get amazing protection from heart-related diseases with this. 
  • Raktachandan

    This is the prominent ingredient which is very useful for skin care and various other beauty-related purposes. It is available in 3.6% in the herbal tea and is extremely useful in the reduction of blemishes on your skin.  
  • Badi Elaichin:

    This ingredient is rich in antioxidants and has properties that reduce blood pressure. It also helps in digestion and provides resistance against ulcers as well. Moreover, it also controls bad breath. It has a concentration of 3.6%.  
  • Gandhbala

    It is a widely known herb and is available at a concentration of 3.6%. It is handy for weight loss and improving physical endurance. It is also great for splendid health as well.  
  • Agyan Ghans

    It also has numerous benefits on your overall health and is being used in the drink in about 7.2% concentration.  
  • Mulehati

    Mulehati is well known for boosting immunity and digestion. It amazingly treats various skin ailments, as well. It contributes 7.2% to the drink.  
  • Gorakhmundi

    This ingredient possesses a lot of health benefits, and it purifies the whole body by removing the harmful toxins from it. It is used in a percentage of 3.6% in the Sukrit Pey.  
  • Ashwagandha

    It is a popularly known ancient herb that is beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels and sugar levels. It is also beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety levels. Furthermore, it also reduces depression and can boost testosterone levels in men. It also provides you muscle mass and greater overall strength. It has a controlled concentration of 3.6% in the drink.  
  • Saunth

    It is available in a small con concentration of just 2.2% in the Sukrit Pey and is very beneficial for the improvement of digestion in the herbal tea. Moreover, it also provides speed to your metabolism and controls the absorption of fats as well.  
  • Gulab Ful

    With the addition of 3.6%, it is very useful for soothing irritation of the skin and sore throats. It also helps in getting rid of the red skin and other skin benefits as well. It has several enriching antioxidants, as well. 
  • Khas

    It has numerous amazing anti-inflammation properties, and therefore, it is used for circulatory systems. It is used in the amount of 3.6% for this fantastic drink. 
  • Ajwain

    With an amount of 2.2%, this ingredient is best for preventing bacteria and fungi and also reduces the cholesterol levels as well. It also provides relief from cough, as well. 
  • Chhoti Pipal

    It is avidly used for the treatment of obesity and prevents heart-related diseases, as well. It is available in a small amount and is highly beneficial for the respiratory system too. 
  • Arjun chhal

    Arjun chhal is extremely useful and is used for the treatment of angina. It also benefits the body by lowering the blood pressure and makes improvements in the lipid profile as well. It is present in the drink at a concentration of 7.2%.  
  • Banfaspatra

    This is yet another beneficial ingredient and is highly useful for various health-related benefits. It is available at a concentration of 3.6% in the overall drink. 

So these are the core ingredients of the Sukrit Pey Detox Herbal tea. As you can see, it is an all-in-one drink for maintaining perfect health and higher internal power.

Gratify your senses and experience tea like never before.

Unbox your experience with our innovative 2-layer packaging with preserved freshness and aroma.

Enjoy the delicious flavour!



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