Sukrit Ayurveda Super Immunity Booster Combo Pack


Sukrit Ayurveda Super Immunity Booster Combo Pack


  • Pick a gift of worth Rs. 125 on the cart
  • Infused with Herbs Recommended by Ayush Ministry for Covid-19 measures
  • Super Immunity Booster
  • Helps to Prevent from Viral Diseases
  • 68 Active Herbs
  • Fights Respiratory Problem
  • Detoxify the body from within
  • 600g of Chyawanprash(worth Rs. 499) + 100g of Herbal Tea (worth Rs. 200)





Immunity boostingSukrit Ayurveda’s immunity booster combo comes with Ayurvedic Chyawanprash and Sukrit Pey Herbal Fusion which can build up your long-term immunity. Living in this time where the word immunity has been reminded to us daily like never before, and we must pay heed towards this urgent need of ours that can help us to combat every wanted and unwanted challenge thrown toward us.

Sukrit Ayurveda’s Super Immunity Booster Combo is an attempt to safeguard your immunity from the seen and unseen threats posed to us in the environment we are living with now.

The combination is very much in line with the recent recommendations by the AYUSH Ministry and effectively helps in combating the threat of viral infections as Corona while building strong immunity.


Why Sukrit Immunity Combo Pack?

This unique combo pack of Sukrit Ayurvedic Chyawanprash and “Sukrit Pey” Herbal Tea makes it a perfect combination to boost your immunity naturally. The manufacturing of this combo follows a stringent quality process in its making. The quality of the source of raw herbal medicines used in the making of this immunity combo enhances its ability to fight the germs, bacteria and provide a natural immunity to the body. The best part of this immunity combo is the use of natural and organic ingredients in its production.

‘Amla’ is an indispensable ingredient of Chyawanprash is sourced organically at Sukrit Ayurveda’s cultivation from its organic forests. It is prepared in cow ghee only which makes it more potent and delicious to consume. Chyawanprash has close to fifty potent herbs which makes it a remedy of choice for building long-lasting immunity for ages.

Sukrit Herbal Pey contains twenty-three exotic herbs like Brahmi, Tulsi, Black Pepper, Anantmool, Patrak, Dalchini, Ashwagandha etc. which has the ability to be your guard in your fight towards harmful chemical surrounding our environment.

A collaborative study by DAILAB @ IIT Delhi and DAILAB @ AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Japan has recently discovered that Ashwagandha may hold an efficient anti-COVID-19 drug.


         What’s Inside Really Matters!

Tulsi for Immunity Black pepper Cinnamon Ashwagandha

Saunth Amla SaffronDesi Cow Ghee

Red Sandalwood Long pepper Anantmool




Long-Lasting Immunity

This unique combo boosts immunity and guards the existing immunity against foreign attack. It paces up the healing process of the body and strengthens the body’s response towards anything unnatural.

Fights Respiratory Problem

The combination of over 70 herbs used in the making of this immunity booster combo strengthens the pulmonary system and fights the respiratory and infective disorders effectively which make it the best remedy to fight the flu-like conditions which are prevalent in current times.

Strong Digestive System

The immunity combo from Sukrit Ayurveda, when used regularly, helps in maintaining gut’s flora most healthily and keeps the digestive fire well. Keeping digestive fire invoked is the best way to stay healthy for a long life.

Overall Well-Being

The combo has a broader ambit of functioning with its ability to act as radioprotective, cardio care, gene protector, and an endocrine booster. These vital abilities of this immunity protector make it one of the most potent combinations.